Webinar series 1:

November 2019 - March 2020 

We hold bi-monthly webinars for our members to help build a community of practice and share new learning. Recordings and materials from webinars are posted here shortly after the event. 

3/11/19 Current Global Developments

 Ruth Andrade (Lush, Re-Alliance & Re-generosity) updates On UN Climate Week New York, Sept 2019
& Maddy Harland (Co-Founder of the Permaculture Magazine & Trustee of Common Earth Foundation) explains developments with the Common Earth Foundation following the Common Earth Conference convened by the Common Wealth in London, Oct 2019. 

22/01/20 First Response: Lessons from the field

Piedad Viteri (emerGENcies programme and Casa Latina), Petra Schneider (Alam Santi Sustainable Living Design, Bali), Sarah Queblatin (Green ReLeaf, Philippines), Rosemary Morrow (Permaculture4Refugees, Australia) and Gustavo Lerner (Ecocentro Eluwn, Mexico) discuss regenerative approaches to first response and emergencies.

and the launch of CAFOD's new Environmental Stewardship tool

Gisele Henriques
(Sustainability Technical lead CAFOD, Re-Alliance)

Watch the webinar here

Watch the webinar here

This Community Based Disaster Management Manual gives practical self-help for  before, during and after disaster.

Watch the webinar here

This spreadsheet tool from CAFOD can be used in programme design to ensure environmental protection is integrated into development projects from the outset. 

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