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About Re-Alliance

Re-Alliance is a coalition of field practitioners, policymakers, educators, community leaders and humanitarian and development workers, sharing skills and experience to grow the influence and impact of regenerative development in the humanitarian field. Its work focuses on regenerative development and its response to disaster and displacement.


We ask the question, how can we create long-term resilience and abundance while responding to immediate humanitarian crises?

Profiled work showcases the restoration and revitalisation of social and ecological systems which integrate the needs of society with the integrity of nature. 

Through the solidarity of valuing and elevating the existing regenerative practices of its membership, the alliance seeks to share and develop knowledge and extend awareness beyond the group to stimulate further practice. It aims to increase the expertise of the independent members by sharing learning between researchers and practitioners, and to build a collective voice for cross-sector influence and impact.

Re-alliance was registered with the UK Charity Commission as a charity in April 2020 and its charity number is 1188936.


During the 2018 Lush Spring Prize, a group of judges and practitioners facilitating innovative projects identified a desire to unite practitioners across the field of regenerative development and integrated humanitarian response. Talking and researching further, gaps were identified for making this work more effective. The gaps concerned the collection of evidence for this pioneering work; the possibility to influence and give legitimacy to this approach with funders and policy makers and; the capacity for transformation at scale.


There are many good examples of effective methods being applied across the globe, which use regenerative approaches to humanitarian and development work but, to date, these have not entered the mainstream. We are committed to taking a coordinated and systematic approach to recording evidence and influencing funders and policy makers that impact  large scale humanitarian and development interventions.


Groundbreaking practitioners are successfully working in the application of regenerative development in the humanitarian and development fields. As pioneers, they often have limited time to record evidence; have limited resources to scale; and a limited platform to share their innovations.


To address these limitations, there is a need for mutual support, learning and collaboration, as well as a need to build the evidence base, unlock funds, and communicate powerful stories of regenerative change. This pioneering work then becomes visible and legitimate both at the grassroots level and within the establishment, which enables the growth of its influence and impact.

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen a coalition of field practitioners, policy makers, educators, community leaders, and development and humanitarian workers, sharing skills and experiences to grow the influence and impact of regenerative development in the humanitarian field.

We do this by:

Providing an environment for mutual learning and support amongst those active on the field,
- Building a body of evidence and stories to communicate the effectiveness, authenticity and value of regenerative work,
- Leveraging support and funding from large relief organisations toward regenerative groups and practices, and,

- Focussing on the intersections between disaster and displacement, sustainable and innovative community-led regeneration.

Our working principles are:

Affected communities first
Ensuring that profiled work is of benefit to people experiencing disaster and displacement, the surrounding communities and the natural environment in which the work is being undertaken. We have a small team with lean administration costs, aiming to direct any funds we accumulate toward maximum effectiveness.



Ensuring integrity through use of sociocratric principles which enable robust, defensible and inclusive decision making.

Openness, transparency and sharing

All of the work we do is promoted openly, in order to grow the legitimacy of regenerative practices.


Embodying care and support for all those in contact with Re-Alliance.

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