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Re-Alliance Members & Partners

Our diverse membership, spanning every continent around the globe, has organically formed with representatives from over 150 organisations, united by a shared commitment to integrated regenerative responses to development, disaster and displacement. Our membership includes experts from regenerative design fields working within INGOs, Universities, Businesses, small and medium NGOs and self-employed practitioners.


Our members include founders, and CEOs of permaculture organisations and green foundations; directors of some of the larger aid or humanitarian NGOs; grassroots organisers; academics and researchers who have spent a lifetime building evidence of alternative, earth responsive solutions in areas of the world most affected by environmental disasters, and displacement.

Connect with our members' expertise

What would it look like to have regenerative principles embedded in your organisation's work? Our members are available to be hired as consultants, supporting you and your organisation to design and deliver regenerative responses in a wide variety of humanitarian and development contexts.

Located on every continent around the globe, our members can support you in implementing locally-led and embedded practice, both minimising the carbon footprint of international travel while also honouring local, more culturally appropriate solutions. Each Re-Alliance member brings unique talents, years of experience, and a connection to a pool of shared expertise in different cultures, continents and contexts, through the Re-Alliance network.

Contact us to hear more about how our talented members can support your work.

Become a member

Re-Alliance members benefit from a shared learning and collaboration space, connecting to a global network of other regenerative practitioners from the humanitarian and development sectors. Re-Alliance host monthly members meetings or invite-only webinars. We showcase and promote members' excellence through case studies and articles, and by brokering connections between our network of practitioners and organisations interested in regenerative design.

Are you a regenerative design practitioner, or from a regenerative project, working in humanitarian or development spaces? We'd love to be in touch. Membership to Re-Alliance is free of charge.

Below: Re-Alliance member Bee Rowan, teaching about ecological strawbale building practices in Nepal. Read more about Nepal's first strawbale house here


Partner Organisations

Would you like to join our membership, or would you like to find out more about how our members can support your organisation with regenerative design?
Find out more below, or contact us here.

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Partner Members
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