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Re-Alliance Policies & Reports
How Re-Alliance operates in its membership, contracts, relations and projects.

Re-Alliance is an international network, and is registered as a UK charity with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (charity number: 1188936).

Code of Conduct

In keeping with its vision and values, Re-Alliance is committed to maintaining the highest degree of ethical conduct amongst all its staff and associated personnel.  To help increase understanding, this Code of Conduct details Re-Alliance’s expectations of associated personnel, including but not limited to, members, consultants, volunteers and partner organisations.


Scope and purpose

This Code of Conduct applies to all personnel, international and local, associated with Re-Alliance including, but not limited to, volunteers, partners, consultants and member organisations.

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to set out the conduct expected of Re-Alliance associated personnel whilst connected to the organisation, and forms part of the conditions of your membership/association with Re-Alliance.  The Code is applicable at all times.  Breaches of the Code of Conduct will result in the termination of your association with Re-Alliance and legal action where applicable.

Whilst recognising that local laws and cultures differ considerably from one country to another, Re-Alliance is a Charity that works with multiple International Non-Governmental Organisations, and therefore the Code of Conduct is developed from international and UN standards.  Re-Alliance staff and associated personnel are expected to uphold local law wherever they operate, except where the Code of Conduct is more stringent, in which case the Code applies.


Code of Conduct Standards

In collaborations with Re-Alliance, and when participating in Re-Alliance spaces, I will:

Uphold the integrity and reputation of Re-Alliance by ensuring that my professional and personal conduct is consistent with Re-Alliance’s values and standards:

  • I will treat all people fairly with respect and dignity

  • When working in an international context or travelling internationally on behalf of Re-Alliance, I will be observant of all local laws and be sensitive to local customs

  • I will seek to ensure that my conduct does not bring Re-Alliance into disrepute and does not impact on or undermine my ability to undertake the role for which I am employed

  • I will not work under the influence of alcohol or use, or be in possession of, illegal substances on Re-Alliance premises or accommodation

Not engage in abusive or exploitative conduct:

  • I will not engage in sexual activity with children (persons under the age of 18).  Mistaken belief in the age of a child is not a defence

  • I will not engage in, initiate or condone humiliating, degrading or exploitative behaviour

  • I will not engage in sexual relationships with beneficiaries of assistance, since they are based on inherently unequal power dynamics

  • I will not engage in any commercially exploitative activities with children or vulnerable adults including child labour or trafficking 

  • I will not physically assault a child or vulnerable adult

  • I will not emotionally or psychologically abuse a child or vulnerable adult

Ensure the safety, health and welfare of all Re-Alliance staff members and associated personnel (volunteers, partners, suppliers, consultants and members):

  • I will adhere to all legal and organisational health and safety requirements in force at my location of work

  • I will comply with any local security guidelines and be proactive in informing management of any necessary changes to such guidelines

  • I will behave in a manner such as to avoid any unnecessary risk to the safety, health and welfare of myself and others, including partner organisations and communities with whom we work

Be responsible for the use of information, assets and resources to which I have access by reason of my association with Re-Alliance:

  • I will ensure that I use Re-Alliance assets and resources entrusted to me in a responsible manner and will account for all money and property

  • I will not use Re-Alliance IT equipment, software or e-mail and social media platforms to engage in activity that is illegal under local or international law or that encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offence.  This includes any material that intimidates or harasses any group based on protected characteristics, or encourages extremism

  • I will not use Re-Alliance IT equipment to view, download, create, distribute or save in any format inappropriate or abusive material including but not limited to pornography or depictions of child abuse

Perform my duties and conduct my private life in a manner that avoids conflicts of interest:

  • I will declare any financial, personal or family (or close intimate relationship) interest in matters of official business which may impact on the work of Re-Alliance

  • I will not be involved in awarding benefits, contracts for goods or services, employment or promotion within Re-Alliance, to any person with whom I have a financial, personal, family (or close intimate relationship) interests

  • I will seek permission before agreeing to being nominated as a prospective candidates or another official role for any political party

  • I will not accept significant gifts or any remuneration from governments, communities with whom we work, donors, suppliers and other persons which have been offered to me as a result of my employment with Re-Alliance

Uphold confidentiality:

  • I will exercise due care in all matters of official business, and not divulge any confidential information relating to colleagues, work-related matters or any sensitive information unless legally required to do so


Complaints and reports:

Re-Alliance members and partners who have a complaint or concern relating to breach of the Code should report it immediately to the designated person (George McAllister - If the member does not feel comfortable reporting to the designated person (for example if they feel that the report will not be taken seriously, or if that person is implicated in the concern) they may report to any other appropriate staff member. For example, this could be another Trustee.

Breaking the Code of Conduct may result in the member being omitted from Re-Alliance spaces. In some cases, the member may have their membership revoked.

Safer Spaces and Meaningful Engagement Agreement

In keeping with its vision and values, Re-Alliance is committed to maintaining the highest degree of ethical conduct amongst all its staff, members and associated personnel.  Re-Alliance hopes to create a space that feels safe and meaningful for our members, teams, partners and contractors. This includes having a set of agreements of how we aim to work together and share space together.

The legal standard of our working relationships is outlined in our Code of Conduct. This Safer Spaces and Meaningful Engagement Agreement aims to build on the Code of Conduct, and set out specific guidelines for working together in communal Re-Alliance spaces.


Safer Spaces

In order to uphold our values, the Re-Alliance facilitation team aims to work together in the following ways. We ask that all Re-Alliance members do the same. These may be aspirational and ongoing aims, as we learn and evolve as individuals and a collective.


  • To be open, aware and respectful of the different contexts in which our partners and fellow members’ live and work.

  • To be aware of intersectional oppressions which may affect our fellow members, and to not perpetuate those oppressions.

  • To be open and welcoming, and to not directly or indirectly exclude anyone because of their characteristics such as (but not excluded to) their ethnicity, nationality, class, gender, gender identity or expression, sexuality, income, level of education, age, ability or disability, appearance, belief or non-belief, experience.

  • To challenge oppression and oppressive systems within and without our organisation using non-violent means.

  • Using compassionate and non-violent means to resolve any tension, conflict or dispute.

  • To avoid and unpick unhealthy power dynamics, including unseen or less visible hierarchies and power structures.

  • To celebrate others’ achievements and contributions, and always being open to learn from others.


Creating a safe, welcoming and anti-oppressive environment is everyone’s responsibility, and we invite Re-Alliance members to continue showcasing and expanding what regenerative principles can look like in a collective way of working.

Safety and meaningful engagement in the WhatsApp and online spaces

Re-Alliance aims to create spaces where individuals and organisations working with regenerative approaches across the humanitarian and development spheres can connect with one another, receiving advice, support and solidarity. Meaningful engagement in Re-Alliance WhatsApp groups and other online spaces involves keeping discussions related to Re-Alliance’s areas of focus, namely regenerative approaches to disaster, displacement and development, being mindful of the quantity and quality of your own communications, and being polite and respectful at all times.
We also encourage our members to make sure your name is visible in online spaces so we know who to address.


What we encourage in the WhatsApp group and other online spaces:

  • Posts that spark and welcome conversation

  • Posts that ask for advice from fellow members

  • If it’s relevant to a conversation, posts that share information about your work.


What we discourage in the WhatsApp group and other online spaces:

  • Posts that are not relevant to many other members

  • Spamming. For example, posting lots of pictures or messages at once, or very regularly. This can make it hard for other members to navigate the discussion.

  • One-to-one conversations. If it feels like a conversation just between one or two other members, ask for consent to create a private group to take the discussion forward elsewhere.



  • Never share other members’ personal details (such as phone numbers or email addresses) without prior consent.

  • Never use offensive, oppressive or disrespectful language toward another member.


Be aware:

  • Some people prefer not to be called or private messaged. Always ask for consent before calling someone, and avoid private messaging someone unless this has been invited

  • Of others’ cultural differences. What might be appropriate in your culture or context may not be seen as appropriate in another’s.

List of Re-Alliance Policies


Re-Alliance | GDPR-Policy

Re-Alliance | GDPR Privacy Notice for Participants 

Re-Alliance | GDPR Privacy Notice for Trustees  



Re-Alliance | Safeguarding Policy 

Re-Alliance | Code of Conduct for Staff and Trustees

Re-Alliance | Code of Conduct for Members and Associated Personnel 

Re-Alliance | Dealing with Safeguarding Reports Procedures 



Re-Alliance | Complaints Policy



Re-Alliance | Disclosure of Malpractice in the Workplace (Whistleblower) Policy


Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy 

Re-Alliance | Anti-Bribery Policy


Conflict of Interest Policy 

Re-Alliance | Conflict of Interest Policy


Risk Management Policy and Procedure 

Re-Alliance | Risk Management Policy


Procurement Policy 

Re-Alliance | Procurement Policy


Financial Procedures Manual 

Re-Alliance | Financial Procedures Manual

Reports to Trustees

To view reports from the core team to the Trustees detailing the activities of the charity follow the link below.

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