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Joining Re-Alliance's Membership

Re-Alliance is a coalition of field practitioners, policymakers, educators, community leaders, and humanitarian and development workers.

Our mission is to advance and showcase regenerative practice across the sectors of humanitarianism and development, particularly in the context of development, disaster and displacement.


We work with our members to build an evidence base showcasing regenerative projects, to create mutually beneficial connections, to facilitate peer to peer knowledge sharing as well as influencing larger scale agencies and big, international NGOs (BINGOs).  


While our website and social media channels share information that is fully open to all, Re-Alliance members have exclusive access to a network of experienced practitioners working on the ground in a variety of capacities, as well as a variety of members-only materials.


Become a member of Re-Alliance


As part of our network, whether a grassroots practitioner or a policymaker in a BINGO,  you will have access to dynamic knowledge, a vibrant and active community of experts and a wealth of opportunities for collaboration. Our membership is open to all, the only requirements are interest and expertise in regenerative design, experience in the humanitarian and/or development sectors, and a willingness to comply with our code of conduct and policies.

Member benefits include:


  • The ability to connect with a global network of regenerative specialists 

  • Exclusive access to learning opportunities 

  • Inclusion of your organisation’s details on our website

  • Exclusive member communications

  • Access to invite-only meetings and webinars

  • The opportunity to host webinars or propose topics

  • Eligibility for members-only funding opportunities

  • Consultancy and collaboration opportunities

  • Having your work featured in our growing evidence base of regenerative design


Please note that we are a networking and learning organisation, not a funding organisation. We cannot accept request for funding.

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