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Re-Alliance's Services

Re-Alliance provides


A consultancy brokering service, linking organisations with individual expertise in the field of regenerative design and development


A knowledge bank of case studies, academic articles and research reports evidencing the impact of this work


Links to practical tool kits, training courses and how-to guides, both our own and those produced by our members


Speakers, facilitators or workshop hosts for specific events, or training sessions about Permaculture and regeneration designed specifically for your organisation

Underlying principles

Our underlying principles inform our organisational policies and our practice to achieve the change we want to see in the world. While traditionally development and humanitarian response has moved from the global North to the global South, we particularly value the knowledge and resources located in the South and the learning they have to offer to different parts of the world. Already we can see a time when trajectories may be reversed as all areas of the world face the challenges associated with fragility and climate change.

From Principles to Policies & Practices

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• To bridge the humanitarian and development divide

• Provide alternative discourses around progress


• Evidence the impact and effectiveness of regenerative approaches

• Emphasise the significance of healthy ecosystems in human wellbeing


• Evidence the impact and effectiveness of regenerative approaches

• Influence institutions, and provide a platform for skills, knowledge and evidence sharing

• Advocate for a shift of investment flows from harmful to restorative practices


• Provide a platform for skills, knowledge and evidence sharing

• Encourage participation & inclusive processes

• Collectively remember and value local and traditional ways of knowing

• Brokering relationships

Linking research & practice

We link research with practice and aim to provide support and learning in areas where it can have maximum impact.

Offering our coalition's services

We offer a brokering service to match specialists with projects and activities that can best benefit from their input. Please contact us if you or your organisation are in need of specialist input or advice. We can vouch for the quality and integrity of our members’ work.

Areas of expertise

  • Regenerative design in situations of disaster and displacement, to maximise community resilience and regenerative use of the environment

  • Building with natural materials and in response to environmental conditions (straw bale, resilient and affordable housing, earthquake and flood resistant buildings, etc)

  • Food growing and nutrition, space design for optimal yields, regenerative orchards, forest gardens, gardening in refugee camps.

  • Irrigation and watershed management, water recycling, approaches at WASH and the use of greywater in food growing

  • Resilient livelihoods, stabilisation agriculture and agroecology in fragile and conflict affected environments, food growing and marketing after displacement

  • Climate change adaptation, research and practice, restoring and regenerating local ecosystems

  • Monitoring and evaluation, business development and organisational support to small and large scale organisations involving the bringing together of multiple, interdisciplinary teams

  • Resource development, training, facilitation and the management of learning for farmer groups, small communities, conflicted communities, government bodies and international organisations.

Contact us to find out more about our services, or to make a booking.

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