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Rwamwanja Rural Foundation

Rwamwanja Rural Foundation


Rwamwanja Rural Foundation owes its existence to its founder, Bemeriki Bisimwa Dusabe, who has been a refugee since the age of 9. Its work is profoundly informed by his own experience of displacement, in particular with regards to health, nutrition and environmental degradation.

The Foundation sprung from a youth initiative which Bemeriki founded in 2015, before officially registering as a company in Uganda in 2019. It is guided by its vision of empowering refugee communities to become autonomous and self-sufficient, providing a workable model for these populations to shed their dependence on humanitarian aid. It does so by providing them with the practical tools to secure their livelihoods, grow nutritious food and preserve and restore the natural environments in which they live.

Bemeriki and his team of six staff and eleven volunteers work in six refugee camps across Uganda, equipping residents with knowledge and skills in everything from social entrepreneurship and business management, composting and water harvesting, to tree-planting and nutrition.

The Foundation also involves host communities in their work, bringing refugee and local populations together to restore the land. Bemeriki is a profound believer in permaculture and how it can teach us to live in harmony with others and with nature. Citing his own childhood growing up amidst conflict, he says “I have found permaculture to be the best form of peacebuilding”.

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