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Meli Bees Network

Meli Bees Network


The Meli Bees Network was started by a new generation of Amazonian leaders who have witnessed first-hand the rapid destruction of their home in the last decades. Acknowledging the need to strengthen the protection and regeneration in the most endangered part of the Amazon, this non profit organisation was founded in 2020. Operating within the Amazonian "Arc of Deforestation", the Meli Bees network operates predominantly with indigenous communities in primary forest environments as well as with smallholders in previously devastated areas.

Meli creates bridges between the traditional communities in the Amazon area, researchers and environmentally engaged groups around the globe to deliver thriving cooperation to achieve a large and effective positive impact on the global climate. Meli supports traditional communities in the development of regenerative practices, connecting native beekeeping with regenerative agriculture, environmental education, and knowledge generation to develop new livelihood opportunities.

Storytelling activities are an important part of Meli’s process, and have been hugely successful, this in turn has enabled the success of other activities such as the native beekeeping.

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