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Re-Alliance Members

Our diverse membership, spanning every continent around the globe, has organically formed with representatives from over 150 organisations, united by a shared commitment to integrated regenerative responses to development, disaster and displacement. Our membership includes experts from regenerative design fields working within INGOs, Universities, Businesses, small and medium NGOs and self-employed practitioners.

Are you a Permaculture or regenerative practitioner, or from a regenerative project, working in humanitarian or development spaces? We'd love to connect with you. Membership to Re-Alliance is free of charge, and you can find out more about becoming a Re-Alliance member here.

This list is not a full representation of our membership, so if you would like to find a regenerative practitioner or consultant for a specific project located in a region you can't find, please get in touch.


Youth Initiative for Community Empowerment | YICE

Working with youth, women and displaced farmers in rural Uganda to restore biodiversity, improve productivity and secure livelihoods.

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Meli Bees Network

Inspired by the Meliponini bees, Meli Bees Network aims to create environmentally and economically sustainable activities that allow both land and people to flourish.

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Applewood Permaculture Centre

Founded by Chris Evans and Looby Mcnamara, Applewood is a smallholding and training centre based in the UK. Inspired by the work of the Himalayan Permaculture Centre, it serves as both a place of learning and of demonstration for a global community of trainees.

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Rwamwanja Rural Foundation

Rwamwanja Rural Foundation works with refugee and IDP populations in Uganda - combining the principles of permaculture and social entrepreneurship - equipping them with the tools to provide nutritious food for their communities, secure their livelihoods and regenerate degraded ecosystems.

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Sporos Regeneration Institute

Regenerating the environment, culture and human relations.

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