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Compétition de films Ré-Alliance - 2020

Avec une bourse de 200 € pour les participants et jusqu'à 2500 €
en prix.


La date limite de dépôt des candidatures est passée.

Re-Alliance is running a member’s film competition in Summer 2020 (Spring Northern Hemisphere, Autumn Southern Hemisphere).

We hope this will result in a series of up to ten short films, showing good practice examples of regenerative approaches used by members and their organisations in different parts of the world. The films will be shared internationally via and through social media, and can be used by the
groups that make the films to promote their work.

Before the Coronavirus outbreak the plan had been to show the films at Oxford University’s Nature Based Solutions conference, to be run in Oxford, UK in July 2020, and at a travelling film festival on ‘Responding to climate change’ due to be hosted by in 2021. However, both events have been postponed until next year so we are now looking at ways to maximise the exposure of the films in the interim before we show them at live public events.

The best film, or films, as selected by a panel of film makers, will share a prize of €2,500 to help fund their work in the field.

Films should be:
● Around 3 minutes in length
● Made on a mobile phone
● Of high quality
● In any language but with English subtitles
● Provide some background to the context in which the approach has been used and outline its regenerative significance and how others could learn from this approach
● Help showcase the integrated, regenerative nature of your work and the impact it’s had

We are offering ten small grants of up to €200 for members to make their films. This is to cover things like travel costs, purchase of lapel microphones to help ensure good quality sound and a contribution towards equipment and subtitling in English. It is not intended to cover professional film making services.

We suggest editing is done using free software (blender, shotcut, iMovie, lightworks etc) and we will provide a short brief with advice on filming and editing to all successful applicants.

Applications for small grants of up to €200 should be submitted by 7th July 2020.

A decision on these will be made by 8th July 2020.

Films will need to be completed by 1st September 2020.

Awards will be given to those films that best portray the message or showcase regenerative design to a broad audience, as decided by a small panel of film and regenerative design professionals.

Please email the short application form below to to apply for a €200 development grant with ‘Film Competition 2020’ as the email heading.

You do not have to be a member to apply, but we ask that you align with Re-Alliance's regenerative vision and mission.

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