Areas of expertise

  • Regenerative design in situations of disaster and displacement, to maximise community resilience and regenerative use of the environment

  • Building with natural materials and in response to environmental conditions (straw bale, resilient and affordable housing, earthquake and flood resistant buildings, etc)

  • Food growing and nutrition, space design for optimal yields, regenerative orchards, forest gardens, gardening in refugee camps.

  • Irrigation and watershed management, water recycling, approaches at WASH and the use of greywater in food growing

  • Resilient livelihoods, stabilisation agriculture and agroecology in fragile and conflict affected environments, food growing and marketing after displacement

  • Climate change adaptation, research and practice, restoring and regenerating local ecosystems

  • Monitoring and evaluation, business development and organisational support to small and large scale organisations involving the bringing together of multiple, interdisciplinary teams

  • Resource development, training, facilitation and the management of learning for farmer groups, small communities, conflicted communities, government bodies and international organisations.

Geographic experience


our members’ geographical locations of experience include:

re-alliance map.png
  • Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and other locations in the Middle East

  • India, Pakistan, Nepal, the Himalayas

  • Northern, Southern and Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Indonesia, the Philippines, and much of South-East Asia

  • The Pacific Region

  • Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Latin America and the Amazon

  • Northern California and much of the USA in areas affected by wild-fires