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Sporos Regeneration Institute

Sporos Regeneration Institute


The Sporos Regeneration Institute exists to support the regeneration of the environment, of culture and of human relations. Based on the island of Lesvos in Greece, it began life as a vehicle for reconnecting children to the natural world, nourished by a deep sense of responsibility for future generations and a belief that it is in children that “our planet’s only hope” lies.

With time, Sporos evolved into a place of learning and community, delivering training on permaculture design, regenerative farming, organic gardening and natural building. Its Garden of Friends serves as a space for community building between local and refugee populations, allowing them to come together to restore the land and their relationships.

The Forest School remains a core part of Sporos’ work, whilst its EcoHub enables asylum-seeker communities to grow in resilience through nature connection and environmental stewardship.

Though Sporos celebrates the educational value of its work, present throughout is a clear intention to tend to the human relationships on the island, seeing connection to and care for the land as a medium for healing divides between local and refugee communities.
Sporos’ expertise and knowledge span a number of areas which could greatly serve humanitarian and development actors seeking to integrate regenerative practice into their work.

In particular, the Institute has vast experience in creating curriculum for educational activities which cross linguistic and cultural divides, as well offering design and training on permaculture, including permaculture for refugees.

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