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Re-Alliance's August Webinar

Refugee-Led Permaculture Education & Action in East Africa

Welcome to the latest webinar in Re-Alliance's bi-monthly regenerative webinar series.

In this webinar, Morag Gamble (Permaculture Education Institute, Permayouth, Ethos Foundation) and Bemeriki Bisimwa Dusabe (Rwamwanja Rural Foundation, Uganda) will be making a presentation entitled “Refugee-Led Permaculture Education & Action in East Africa”.
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Morag and Bemeriki have seen the direct benefit that refugee-led, flexible and responsive approach to permaculture education, action and enterprise is bringing to people in a growing number of refugee settlements and host communities in East Africa. This program is a collaboration between the Permaculture Education Institute, Permayouth, the Ethos Foundation, Rwamwanja Rural Foundation, many local hubs, supporters from around the world, and connections with global networks. Their work is now attracting global attention through magazine articles, film-making and a big part of the Global Permayouth program that is shortlisted for a number of global awards - 2021 including the Lush Spring Prize (Influence Category) and the Hildur Jackson Award 2021.


These permaculture education programs in East Africa are reaching many refugee communities.  Bemeriki is a highly trained long-term refugee who knows what is needed, what has worked, and also experienced many failed programs. So far he has organised and led training for over 500 people this year alone - Permayouth, foster carers, women’s groups. Morag offers permaculture mentoring, networking, access to educational programs and certification, and coordinates the crowd-funding.  


Morag and Bemeriki have been working together now for about 2 years and can say with confidence that this approach is changing lives, opening possibilities, building food resilience and self-determination. It is also building global alliances and influencing thinking about ways to support refugees beyond the camps.


Within the camps, this work is being noticed. For example, the Office of Prime Minister has offered land for a demonstration farm and learning centre. The Ugandan government Ministry responsible for training has officially certified the Permaculture Changemakers course. The UNHCR nominates people needing this education and opens courses.


In this session Morag and Bemeriki will share the story of this myceliating refugee-led permaculture education program in East Africa - now an East African chapter of Permaculture for Refugees. They'll show how this program has grown from one Permayouth program in one camp to a strong movement with a regional online learning community, and an emergence of the culture of permaculture through music, photography, film, books and more. They’ll also share some of the emerging initiatives, music and success stories.


Morag and Bemeriki look forward to the pleasure of your company at this webinar and welcome your suggestions of ways to grow the potential and support for this program which has delightfully surprised both of them.

This event is now over

Morag Gamble is the CEO of Permaculture Education Institute and the Ethos Foundation and has supported the emergence of Global Permayouth movement - which grew from an idea of young students of the Permaculture Educators Program. The Permaculture Education Institute offers full scholarships to refugees.

Bemeriki Bisimwa Dusabe is the Founder and CEO of the Rwamwanja Rural Foundation and catalyst for the Permayouth East African network. Amongst other things, he is a teacher, peace-maker and father. Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bemeriki has been living in Rwamwanja for almost 15 years. Bemeriki is the catalyst of is a certified Permaculture Educator from the Permaculture Education Institute.

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